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  • Subscription to the PSHE ACADEMY is NOT available at this time.

    However, if you purchase one of our PSHE USB's we will happily let you gain access to the PSHE Academy which contains lots of support, advice and guidance. Unfortunately due to the costs of building, running and maintaining this platform we cannot open it up to more users and subscribers.

    If you would like to purchase a USB CLICK HERE to see our full range of packages and Free Brochures

    So there is honestly nothing I can fault. The look, layout, content and organisation is excellent. It was definitely the best change I have made. Not only are the resources amazing but the support from the company is greatly appreciated when I request extra information / slides. — Satisfied Customer

    Outstanding Resources. Thank you — Mr Hollywood Head of Citizenship & PSHE

    I love the workbooks, we are going to just use them - no exercise books. I'm condensing them though, they are written for 1 lesson a week and we only have 1 per fortnight. Everything is editable. The booklets are on themes and in half termly blocks — New User

    II was nervous about being certain we'd cover everything, and the Cre8tive package appeared to me to be more of a security blanket. You get loads of extra useful documents for planning/auditing etc. — New User

    KS5 resources arrived today. They are truly outstanding! Worth every penny! — Head of Sixth Form

    The final choice was down to my SLT and they loved the workbooks which come with cre8tive resources. Assessment/differentiation/marking and showing progress is all done for you too — Satisfied Customer

    The 5 year complete PSHE package is a fantastic buy! Every single lesson is excellent, engaging and exciting. As a new PSHE leader I am thrilled with what we have received. The package offers so much more than lesson content. There are numerous invaluable HOD documents included too. Customer service has been fantastic. Any query is answered straight away. This company is completely brilliant. Thank you Cre8tive resources!. — Carol Murray

    Most love your resources and I’ve had smashing feedback from them. It’s only the staff that are stuck in their ways who don’t get it... Your resources are amazing. They’ve really helped me upgrade most of my days and have saved me not just time, but from loads of worry and stress. Thank you. — Head of PSHE

    I have been appointed as the PSHCE subject lead (secondary) and love your resources. I have looked at a load of potential resources and yours are by far the best I have seen based on some of the free resources you have been offering. Cant wait for the USB! — Learning Trust

    I love your resources. I brought in PSHE ‘drop down days’ about three years ago (although drop down is a forbidden word as I’ve battled to get all teaching staff engaged and take it seriously). Your resources have been a total life saver this year as I’ve re-vamped everything. They’ve saved me so much time and the majority of staff are onboard. — Head of PSHE

    These resources are incredible! Soooooo worth the money! I'm absolutely over the moon with mine!! . — Secondary PSHE Teacher

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£99.00 per month      £999.00 per year

Welcome to the PSHE Academy

PSHE, Careers & CITIZENSHIP topics discussed in this forum. The Forum contains blogs, Q&A, advice and support for teachers from teachers. Links to Free and Paid resources and recomendations.