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  • Help I have an interview for lead PSHE Teacher...

    Questions to consider
    • What impact do you plan to have on... (Teachers, Students, staff, ethos, wellbeing)
    • Can you give me an example of when you have .....
    • How familiar are you with the latest DfE Reforms?
    • How do you see ....... (culture capital, Gatsby Benchmarks, British Values, SMSC, Character Education) linking with your subject area? How do you plan to develop it?
    • What should assessment look like in PSHE? How will you be able to tell that students are making progress?
    • How can you build resilience in your students (staff)?
    • How will you model great leadership to your team? What does leadership mean to you? What does bad leadership look like?
    • How will you hold others in your department to account?
    • How will you lead on quality assurance and delivery of PSHCE? (Learning walks, student feedback...)
    • How can PSHE develop the whole child and nurture the softer skills vital to become a well rounded individual?
    • How does your curriculum design meet the needs of all your pupils? How do you know what you are planning to teach will meet the needs of all your pupils?
    • How do you ensure that you are ambitious for all pupils?
    • How do you adapt the curriculum and teaching to meet the needs of all pupils (SEND, PP high starters, boys)?

    Top Tips

    Other things to consider
    • How can PSHE support the schools recovery curriculum and anti-racism curriculum?
    • How will your PHSE links with local needs (the counties needs / priorities)

    Qualities and Skills the school may be looking for in a Lead PSHE Teacher
    • Approachable, calm in a crisis, loyal, supportive
    • flexible, strong minded, willing to develop others
    • Teamwork, Leadership, good listening skills
    • Empathy, Resilience, trustworthy

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